a note of frustration :




do avoid the


super 8 motel in Liberal. Here's what happened to us :


we booked 4 rooms, they confirmed 4 rooms


when we arrived, only 3 rooms where available.


so we decided to squeeze our group in 3 rooms.


but wait, it comes worse:


one of the 3 rooms they gave us was still occupied !!! the former clients had not checked out !

excuse me ??? 


So we ended up with only 2 rooms !  So Jim went to another motel.


Then , in my room , 3 light bulbs where missing. almost no light !


Then, next morning, some guy walks in and says: oops, sorry, they gave me an occupied room !??!?!??


how lousy can it get ?


Wifi : ok it works to connect , and I do receive e-mail but I cannot send e-mail with my normal e-mail client. My collegues have same problem. Also yahoo IM does not work. The hotel probably has some firewall setting that is not userfriendly....


in short : great skies in Liberal, but a lousy motel 8 !





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